Dave Koz – 57Kustik – You Make Me Smile


Dave Koz – Dave performs “You Make Me Smile”, Live At Java Jazz Festival in 2012. Mr. Koz invites a group of street musicians named 57kustik.  As Mr. Koz states at the beginning of the video, an associate brought this group to his attention.  When Dave went to see them, they were playing a hit song by Dave, “You Make Me Smile” on the streets of Bandung, Indonesia.

Dave asked if they could come to the jazz festival and got an enthusiastic YES!!!!!  This group of youngsters, is the product of a program to educate under privileged young people in Indonesia.  This is such a heart warming event that I had to post it.  Although this concert took place in 2012, the message it sends is more than relevant today.

Music is a thread that binds us all together.  The video below is a heart warming example of that.  I just have to smile along with these young men.  Thanks Dave and thanks 57Kustik!!!

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